Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Amazing, powerful, and awesome do not come close to describing who you really are. For years, invisible forces have been unleashed to drag your life down into the deep dark cavern of complacency and lethargy. Circumstances have surrounded many of you to shackle you a to sense of hopelessness. Well, I expose and cancel out that lie and myth. You are not hopeless. You are a dreamer with unstoppable power.

I am writing this blog to encourage you to dream big, visualize the impossible, and believe that there is a Creator who has created you with powerful potential. The attack of these days and recent events are demanding greater fortitude and a paradigm shift. It is imperative that we change the way we think and the way we orchestrate our lives. We must surround ourselves with people that will help us and not hinder us; and in like manner, we will assist others to do and be better. Throughout these blog posts, I hope to challenge you to reach beyond the norm. To allow God to peel back the layers of hurts and fears. You will find that the peeling back of the veneer of this life will expose the true character of God in your life. All the natural blemishes, knotholes, and patterns are the true character of God's creation. It is my hope and desire that the real you will stand up. This is going to be a journey of excellence!

Humbly loving you,

Bishop Gabe