Thursday, October 25, 2012


I often travel on airplanes. Each time I approach the ticket counter, I am asked about my bags. They ask  these questions:

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  • Is there anything hazardous?
  • Is there anything perishable?
  • Is there anything potentially dangerous?

The final questions are the most important.


These are the questions I pose to you. Who have you allowed to pack your bags in this flight through life and why are you carrying weapons of mass destruction?  We often fly through life carrying potentially dangerous and hazardous material that we have allowed others to impose on us. Many of our thoughts and ideas are not really ours. We have given permission to someone else to tell us what we think and how we are to live. One of the primary culprits of the baggage sabotage is the media. The media is the manipulator of the madness that causes us to become a self-imposed terrorist. With the invention of the internet and social media, we have handed over the keys to our minds. 

Please understand that an open mind is not synonymous with an unguarded mind. We must guard our heart and our mind at all times, for out of our hearts flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). We must be careful what we watch and what we allow to make its way into our thought patterns. It is amazing how things that we never considered before have now become questioned, solely because they are socially accepted. Through the barrage of input, one lowers or raises one's values. We must be very careful as to whom we allow to speak into our lives. We are warned in Scripture that in the last days man will call right wrong and wrong right. Man will also call good evil and evil good. Man will pervert truth to appease his own human desires. I challenge you to raise the standards and attempt to live on a higher plane or morality. Each of us must screen our thoughts, not through the grid of this perverted society, but through the Word of God. Don't let some man (me included), church, political party, culture, or any such thing determine truth for you. Let the God of Heaven declare His Word into your life. Jesus is Truth and the Truth shall set you free. 

Final question. What I believe -- does it or does it not align with the Word of God? His Word is our final authority.

Humbly loving you,
Bishop Gabe