Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Apology to America
I feel a need to apologize to America on behalf of our men – men (immature boys, actually) of all nationalities – but especially for the black men of America, of which I am one.  This is a great country in which we live. I have traveled around the world and even though the USA is not perfect, it is the best place I have found on this planet.  We must uphold what has made us great – our values and the Constitution.

I am sixty years old and for the very first time, I am ashamed of the representation that we, as men, are portraying to the world.   As an educated black man, I take pride in how I carry myself.  I have been married to the same woman for forty years and have three married children (all with their original spouses) and nineteen grandchildren.  They work hard and are not a drain on the American economy.  My mannerisms, my integrity, and honesty are a direct reflection of my upbringing.  I believe in morals, respect, and old fashioned politeness.  Christ is the central focus of our lives, though we are not what one might think of as religious.  I agree with Dr. Martin Luther King; we cannot judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

I am appalled that grown men – Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian – see it cool to walk around and show their underwear.  This trend was prison born and unfortunately, often to prison it leads.  So many black men are crying for respect from other people, while simultaneously disrespecting themselves.  Many disrespect not only themselves, but their wives, women, children, homes, and society.  Ignorance has caused them to focus on the bling-bling on their fingers and around their necks, the spinners on their wheels, and the idea of pimping their crib.  Not realizing that they are being pimped and used by a greedy materialistic society.  Society has created a fear of standing alone, while fostering a pack mentality.  Wolves run in packs.  Twisted society, preached by the hate mongers and the racists (black and white alike), is creating  a spirit of unrest and setting up hotbeds of fear.  Black-on-black crime is of epic proportion and now the racial tensions are on the rise.

I have walked the streets of racist Alabama in the 60’s, but have also lived on the racist streets of South Central L.A.  So sad, people still killing people over skin color.  How ignorant is that?  Our young men and women dying over zip codes, area codes, and the color of tennis shoes.  Am I really missing something or does that sound asinine?  Everybody tripping over the “N” word.  It is amazing that no one can say “nigga” but the niggas.  Webster defines niggardly not as a race, but as an attitude.

nig·gard·ly [nig-erd-lee]
1.reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly.
2.meanly or ungenerously small or scanty: a niggardly tip to a waiter.

adverb the manner of a niggard. 

1520–30; niggard + -ly  
Related forms nig·gard·li·ness, noun

1. penurious, miserly, mean, tight, avaricious, mercenary, illiberal, close.
2. poor.

So, America, I want to publicly apologize for the niggas of our society -- the White niggas, the Hispanic niggas, the Asian niggas, and the Black niggas -- and for all men acting niggardly.

It is time for men to pull up their pants and quit blaming other people and act like responsible men and make our world a better place.  We must quit tearing down our cities; we must quit going to jail and prison; we must start taking care of the children we create.  There is no honor in being a deadbeat dad, a thief, or a habitual criminal.  Violence can no longer be our lifestyle.  We are humans created with a divine purpose.  Even animals don't act like hateful humans.

Humbly submitted,
Bishop Gabe