Saturday, March 24, 2012


As we are attempting to forge through this journey called life, it seems as though we are perplexed on every side. Gas prices sky-rocketing, housing market plummeting, foreclosures, and job losses. It is amazing, but not surprising that suicides are up, alcoholism is rising, drug use is increasing, and people are getting lost in internet addiction. These times are leaving many with a sense of hopelessness and desperation. We attempt to think positive thoughts, we read volumes of self-help books, we meditate, self-medicate, motivate and exacerbate. Nothing seems to work. We go to churches and the easy believe-ism is not numbing the pain. We spend time doing good works, we join social clubs and gyms, yet nothing quite turns the tide. Yes, there is a solution to all this madness. 

The solution is called Faith. Not religious faith that demands us to jump through countless futile hoops, but a relational faith that connects us with the God of creation. It is a faith that can see the crisis of our day as an opportunity for Christ to shine. It is a faith that does not just believe but that pushes us to action. It is not enough that we claim we believe in God. The Bible tells us that the Devil believes in God and that he fears and trembles at the Name of Jesus.  So, it definitely takes more than just belief.  If our belief system is not tied to obedience and action, then all we have is belief, we cannot operate in faith, and cannot see our breakthrough.

Pseudo-faith (fake faith) is attached to emotions.  Real faith is attached to motion. Where faith is not attached to motion, it is called fear. Miracles are never birthed in the womb of fear.

 B + A = F.   Belief + Action = Faith.  Faith is the visible evidence as to what we believe. When faith is released, miracles will increase. When faith decreases, miracles will cease.  So when we are faced with our current situation, we must ask ourselves a few questions.

  1. Is this an obstacle or an opportunity?
  2. Am I going to react or respond?
  3. Am I going to get out of the boat of fear or fellowship (fellows in the ship) with the rest of the losers?
  4. Am I going to act upon my belief system or starve believing that things are going to get better?
  5. Am I going to quit trusting in the government, people, and my job; or am I going to trust in a loving God?
Real faith is progressive, assertive, productive, and responsive. Real faith will get us off the couch of indifference and give us hope and bring back the sparkle and twinkle in our eyes. 

The country of Israel gives us a great illustration of active and inactive faith through its two major bodies of water:

1. The Sea of Galilee beams with life.  Israel gets it fish from the Sea of Galilee. 
2. The Dead Sea has no life at all. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea.

Here is the difference:

The Sea of Galilee has an inlet and outlet, so there is major movement. The water is flowing and fish are birthing.  The Dead Sea has no outlet. The water cannot flow out, so there is no movement. Stagnation brings about death. Where there is no movement, there is death. 

If we quit just talking about what we believe and start walking out what we believe, it will open up to us a plethora of opportunities and breakthroughs. Your miracle is as close as your movement.

Humbly loving you,
Bishop Gabe

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